Full Circle Music is a group of music producers, engineers, songwriters, editors, studios and creators focused on delivering the highest quality music in a timely fashion, both to the label and to the independent artist.

We have a track record of success at radio, billboard chart sales, and tv/film placements, under the leadership of grammy-award-winning, Sesac #1 writer of the year, and 2013 billboard #1 producer of the year Seth Mosley.

We have a philosophy that the best piece of gear is a great song. So that is where we start with the production process. Our songs have topped radio charts, been performed on headlining tours, been featured on NFL Network, Speed Network, Veggie Tales, Target, MLB Network, and been led in churches worldwide.

In production, we work with a network of the best mixers, engineers, studios and equipment to guarantee you top-quality, inspiring results. We strive to be current, but not to just be the “flavor of the week”.

Our goal is to create sounds that are timeless.


You’ll consistently find our songs at the top of the charts and performed all around the world in a variety of avenues.


We strive to stay modern and always be ahead of the curve with our sounds. If you have a vision in your head, we can translate it to a record.


Perfection blended with musicality. We edit to eliminate distractions that come between the listener and the song.


Both offering in-house and partner players, we are able to achieve fresh parts and great tones with our own signature feel.


We work with the best gear and have years of engineering experience on several grammy winning projects and are able to help draw out the best performances from an artist or player.