I have been blessed to have had a much more successful career in songwriting and music production, than I ever knew was possible. 2 Grammy Awards, 4 Dove Awards, Dozens of SESAC Awards, Billboard #1 Awards, and over 20 #1’s later, here I am.

This post has been long overdue, but I just wanted to write an article about something that doesn’t get talked about a lot today, and that is GRATITUDE.


Especially since having my first daughter 17 months ago, I say with all honesty that if I never had another song recorded, a track singled, or a record produced, I would be very satisfied with the career that I’ve been privileged to have this far. I used to say this, but now I actually mean it. It’s about identity. I know who I am now, and music is a big part of me. But it’s what I do. It’s not who I am.

The other reality is that, it is a great feeling to know you could take a year or two or three off and your family would be just fine. My “GOT TO’s” have turned into “GET TO’s”. This is an immense level of success, both critically, and financially, I never thought imaginable.

Needless to say, it is out of a spirit of GRATITUDE that  I am at a place in my career where the only thing that makes sense for me to do in this season is to start GIVING BACK. As cliche as that sound, that’s where I am. I want to be a mentor to the next up-and-coming music producer or songwriter, just like so many have done for me in the 7 years I’ve been here in Nashville.

I think it is not only a good thing to do, I think it is the RIGHT thing to do. To whom much is given, much is expected. And I have been given much.


What does that actually look like in real life terms?


I’ve had a brainchild in my mind for the last year, and it is finally time to announce it to the world. It is something I am calling



This is my effort to take the last 12 years of my experience, knowledge, skills, and network I’ve developed, and to make them available to whoever wants to learn.

I hope you’ll consider sharing it with someone you know, who might be an aspiring songwriter or music producer. You don’t have to be qualified to become one. I certainly am not. I have no college degree or formal training whatsoever.

All it takes is passion and work ethic.

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Consider taking it or sharing it with a friend.


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+Seth Mosley