Music Production Mastery Course


NOTE: this is an OLD WEB PAGE. Our new Music Production Mastery course is located here:

Brought to you by the Full Circle Academy, this is a masterclass in music production, following the journey of a song from start (songwriting) to finish (mastering).


This was created by our Grammy-Winning Team, and has already received rave reviews from the students who have taken it like:

“Let me begin by thanking you so much for putting in all of those hours creating the master class. Being able to learn from you was the opportunity I’ve been looking for! What I have learned cannot be quantified in a simple email, I know it shows in my work. My mixes are much clearer and I’ve learned how to streamline my recording process both for myself and other artists. Let’s just say, I love the Full Circle way! I really connected with you and your team through the class.”

“Very beneficial….I’m finding that there things that we already do and have the same opinion on and yet there are some real nuggets in there that even with my experience, am still benefiting from.”

You may not want to become a pro music producer, maybe you’re a songwriter who is just looking to get better sounding demos. Which I argue, is just as important as getting better at songwriting. In fact, I wrote an ebook on this called “Stop Doing Demos” –

This is our attempt at pulling back the curtain at what we do every day, to let you learn from us and our mistakes.


Students will learn topics like:

Songwriting Arrangement and Preproduction
Vocal Production
Drum Production
Bass Production
Guitar Production
Programming and Overdubs
Mixing and Mastering
DAWs (Logic Pro and Pro Tools)

It is a comprehensive course that will enable students to start creating better sounding tracks right away with actionable content.








Music Production Mastery Course


2 reviews for Music Production Mastery Course

  1. Jessica Koenig

    Thank you for this opportunity and God bless u!😀

    Jessica K

  2. Bonnie H

    Stellar instruction from an incredible talent!!

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